American Trenton Racing Pigeons

This site is dedicated to perserving the American Trenton strain and it's history of long distance racing ability.
  Long Distance Racing

Jim Schaberl
"Breeding from 50 pair  "Ed Oshaben Trentons"
Richmond Hts. Ohio
(440) 665-9677

The Story

For 15 years, I have been acquiring my pick of birds from the Oshaben Trenton loft.
Laurie Oshaben - Kemats sold their farm and Laurie sold the remaining birds that I did not take. I have the core of Ed Oshaben's Trenton family.
I feel good about doing a very good job of keeping Ed's old Trentons together and still going.  I currently have over 100 of them.  
Laurie gave me all of her records that she had on the birds including her father's records.

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